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Nasarawa State Sickle Cell Week

Our first community outreach took place during the Nasarawa State Sickle cell week in Lafia Nasarawa State on  April 1, 2008. The outreach was sponsored by Rabi Maidunama, MAISCEF Founder, with support from the Nasarawa State Ministry of Health. Other support also came from Xechem Nigeria, producers of Nicosia; Unilever PLC; and Nasco Group of companies A total of 350 sickle cell patients received routine SCD management drugs to last them for  3 months. , it was also supported by the Ministry of health Nasarawa state and Xechem Nigeria producers of Nicosia, Uni lever plc, and Nasco Group of companies. (more…)

Message from the Founder

Welcome to our website! My name is Rabi Maidunama, the founder of this Foundation. It may interest you to know that I am SS genotype meaning that I was born with and have lived with the Sickle Cell Disorder (SCD) all my life. Surprised? Well don’t be because to me, there has been a lot more to this than just being tagged a ‘sickler’. Let me shock you a little with this. I have said it every where and  you can quote me over and over again:  “What I have has made me what I am today”. Who would have (more…)