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Message from the Founder

Welcome to our website! My name is Rabi Maidunama, the founder of this Foundation.

It may interest you to know that I am SS genotype meaning that I was born with and have lived with the Sickle Cell Disorder (SCD) all my life. Surprised? Well don’t be because to me, there has been a lot more to this than just being tagged a ‘sickler’. Let me shock you a little with this. I have said it every where and  you can quote me over and over again:  “What I have has made me what I am today”. Who would have ever thought that I will be out here making my voice heard rather than languishing on a sick bed all my life? I simply took my chances.

And what does it feel like living with the sickle cell genotype? Well it has meant everything to me. It is the impetus for me in doing what I do: taking care of less-privileged persons who are sufferers – I call them Sickle Cell Warriors; creating awareness to help eradicate this preventable health condition; organizing outreaches to hard-to-reach communities all over Nigeria; giving speeches and sharing my testimonies at every opportunity that I have had; being the voice of the voiceless; and most of all, drawing the attention of government and decision-makers for mass action against this dreadful condition that is afflicting thousands of families within and beyond Africa.

It was also the impetus that saw me through rigorous years of my university education which has made me a better person today and my life continues to inspire thousands of people out there who have found themselves in the same situation like me, to be strong and live more positively.

When I look back over the years and look at the impact a little me has been able to make, with almost nothing, I marvel and find great solace in being able to be part of a very noble cause. This is not to say that it has been all about me. No. I have merely been a vehicle or instruments in the hands of thousands out there: fellow SCD sufferers like me; able supporters to my cause (both silently and visibly); volunteers; well-placed individuals; corporate bodies and countless organizations.

The fight is on and will continue until we achieve our mission which is the complete eradication of this ailment. It is also an open invitation to everybody to join in. There is a lot for everybody to do. Our goal is to use this website as a platform to inspire you.

While your support in kind will go a long way to make us touch somebody’s life, a word of knowledge shared with a neighbour, family or friend about SCD will mean a lot in this fight.

Even for just reading this message to the end, you have made my day and I consider you our friend now. Thank you very much!

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