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Kagini Outreach/Visitation

On 8th Dec 2014- MAISCEF visited Guragu village in Kagini where all the settlers are physically challenged either with leprosy or polio. Five sickle cell patients were identified and registered with the NGO. The outreach was supported by… Read More

Awe Outreach

An outreach was carried out in Awe Community, Nasarawa State on 13th May 2014. The exercise was sponsored by LISCAO, an expatriate women association based here in Abuja. (more…)

Rikkos Community Outreach

Rikkos is small but densely-populated community in far away Plateau State of Nigeria which has not not enjoyed much development or public attention in its lifetime. This was where MAISCEF travelled to on February 1, 2014 to carry… Read More