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The Maidunama Sickle Cell Foundation (MAISCEF) is a non-religious and apolitical Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) founded in November 2007 by Miss Rabi Maidunama, a sickle cell patient who also lost a sister to the disease. The foundation is named in memory of her father Alhaji Mohammed Maidunama (CON) due to the love and care he gave her whilst alive. She owes her life and survival today to God, the privilege of having educated parents, a comfortable life and adequate health care.

MAISCEF is currently the number one sickle cell NGO in Nigeria. Her mission is to eradicate the incidence of SCD in the Nigerian society. She intends to achieve this through:

  1. Providing SCD patients with free care and medication
  2. Public sensitization and creation of awareness on the disease
  3. Helping people know their genotype
  4. Providing community counselling services on SCD
  5. Helping to fight against malaria especially in young children.


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